C'est Moi is best known for its popular seamless collection, which is now available across Canada & the USA.

*Our one-size seamless basics fit most body types smoothly and comfortably, while our seamless shape wear is tailored in multiple sizes for the best fit.

*Vibrant on-trend colours wash well and don't fade.

*Longer tops and slips give great coverage and don't ride up.

*We carry every girl's favorite legging, including bamboo and fleece lined leggings, but we also offer much more than that!

Our bottoms now include shorts, straight pants, rompers, mini-skirts, and pencil skirts (that can also be worn as dresses)!

This collection comes in a range of beautiful and great-quality fabrics.

Read more about each:

Our growing Nylon collection features a wide array of styles and colours, including our super popular fleece-lined leggings. Easy to dress up or down - from basics such as bandeaus, camisoles, and leggings to skirts, dresses, and lurex pieces. C'est Moi's soft and pretty Nylon pieces will always have you feeling comfortable and looking fabulous!

C'est Moi's amazingly soft and comfortable Bamboo seamless garments are a staple for every wardrobe. Whether it's for every day wear, or an active lifestyle, our tanks, tees, and bottoms have you covered - in the most comfortable fabric you'll ever wear!

Our premium bamboo fabric is made from a blend of Bamboo, Cotton, Nylon, and Spandex. Natural fibers allow air flow through the garments, making them breathable, while Nylon and Spandex give the perfect shape and stretch.

Cool Yarn
Our high-tech Cool Yarn fabric is designed to instantly cool down body temperature up to 2°C and keep you comfortable all day. Similar to our Nylon fabric, but Cool Yarn fibres are spun to let more air flow in through the garment. Perfect for hot weather and hot flashes!

Never boring and always sexy, our lace tops are great for adding texture to any outfit. Whether you're wearing lace under another garment for a peak-a-boo effect, or wearing it over another seamless piece, these pretty patterns are sure to make a statement.